The Q-factor

Why does the letter Q consistently appear in our communication? We refer to it as the "Q-factor." It's associated with the visual identity of the Erqole brand — a connection reflecting a sense of belonging tying all Erqole projects to the core values of its Swedish parent company Qarlbo AB: Authenticity, Understatement, Regeneration, Legacy, Sustainability, Transparency, Wellness and Uniqueness.

Who is a Storyteller?

Our Storyteller is a person, even before an employee, with a healthy dose of imagination, sensitivity and curiosity.

He/she knows how to narrate a story and is able to reach everyone’s heart. The storytelling is open, empathetic and welcoming, aimed at strengthening the solidity and authenticity of the story. In fact, the elaboration is based on his/her own life experience, on sharing company values and on information that stimulate interest, filtered through a positive lens. Erqole’s Storyteller embodies the 11 principles contained in the acronym CELEBRATION, which you will find more about in the next posts. Stay tuned!

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