In 1926, Cirio, the world-famous Italian brand, opened its first sardine and anchovy canning factory in Porto Ercole. In the 1970s, the factory was re-built and expanded to its current size, before closing its doors permanently in 1984. Since then, the building has remained disused. In 2016, Erqole bought the factory and the surrounding land.

Disused for almost 40 years, the former Cirio plant is located in one of the best positions in the beautiful fishing village of Porto Ercole. Erqole’s mission is to transform it into Fabbriqa, a hospitality project that Porto Ercole and the entire Monte Argentario area can be proud of, a venue that will attract new guests and create job opportunities, contributing to the development of the local community and the preservation of its wonderful territory.

First and foremost, Fabbriqa is conceived as a home away from home, an authentic haven where guests feel welcomed and carefully looked after. Fabbriqa’s hospitality will therefore be based on providing personalised experiences alongside the opportunity to savour the authenticity of Porto Ercole. The project aims, above all, to bring wealth and prosperity to the local area.


A former fish canning factory located in the iconic setting of Porto Ercole, on the Mediterranean coast of Tuscany, surrounded by the spectacular landscape of Monte Argentario


The Hotel will provide guests with authentic experiences that embody Tuscany’s soulfulness, complemented by rejuvenating moments that nourish the body and mind, creating truly unforgettable memories


To awaken the body, stimulate the mind and fill the soul

La Roqqa Hotel (ex-Hotel Don Pedro) opened its doors in the summer of 2023. The hotel, located on the hill of Fort La Rocca, overlooking the bay of Porto Ercole, provides an atmosphere of celebration, energy and joy, immersed in a location boasting a unique view.

It features a workshop developing an array of local craft products, a roof top terrace where you can enjoy signature cocktails and savour Tuscan culinary specialities, as well as a wonderful view of the eight kilometer Spiaggia della Feniglia (Feniglia beach) linking Monte Argentario to the mainland.


La Roqqa is a vibrant location at the foot of Fort La Rocca, with a panoramic, 360-degree view of Porto Ercole, Feniglia Beach and the impressive diverse landscape of Monte Argentario


With an eye to an atmosphere inspired by Italy’s 1960s, from its terrace bar and restaurant, La Roqqa provides its guests with breath-taking views and a wealth of local craft products and creative exhibitions


To experience joy and celebrate life immersed in the beauty of Monte Argentario

Isolotto beach club is only a stone's throw away from La Roqqa, where the blue of the Mediterranean blends with the sandy beach and rocks. The beach clubs can be reached either by foot or shuttle from La Roqqa, and is conceived as an ideal place to relax while admiring the Mediterranean environment of Monte Argentario.

Boutique Hotel Cala Piccola offers an enchanting escape with unparalleled panoramic views of the Tuscan Archipelago and azure Tyrrhenian Sea. With its intimate ambiance and personalized service, Cala Piccola promises charmy Italian coastal living.